A powerful Supplement which has the capabilty to cure many kinds of ilness and diseases.

SRP P480.00

Quantity: 10 capsules


This supplement contains Fish oil which is good for person with high blood pressure.

SRP P380.00

Quantity: 10 capsules

Complete Phyto Energizer

This supplement boost our energy for us to have a strong and healthy body.

SRP P450.00

Quantity: 10 capsules


This capsules has the capabilities to correct malfanctioning parts of our body to let us live longer and healthier.

SRP: P420.00

Quantity: 10 capsules

Liven Coffee

A delicious Coffee drink made from Arabic Coffee Beans(a coffee beans used in starbucks coffee).

SRP P150.00

Quantity: 5 sachet

Deep Cleansing and Whitening Bar

This is a natural soap made from Papaya Extract and Bamboo Charcoal.

SRP: P200.00

Quantity: 1 Bar

My Choco

A delicious Chocolate drink which contains DHA which is good for the brain. Good for children of any ages.

SRP: P160.00

Quantity: 5 sachet

Ener-Chi Diffuser

Put this sticker into your phone to reduce electro magnetic radiation coming from it.

SRP: P380.00

Quantity: 1 sticker

Burn Slim

A supplement for a healthier sexy body.

SRP: P450.00

Quantity: 10 capsules

Perfect White

A natural whitening supplement which make you 20 years younger.


A delicious and refreshing drink for a sexy healthy body